Time Allocation for Presenters

Each presenter is allocated 15 minutes for oral presentation and the questions and discussion. A typical presentation has a 10-minute talk, 4-minute discussion, and 1-minute shift to a next presenter.

Session times are listed in the program book to allow attendees to select the presentations they wish to attend. Consequently, session chairs will strictly enforce these time limits with a bell ringing as follows.

After a lapse of 7 min. WarningThe bell rings once
After a lapse of 10 min. Finish PresentationThe bell rings twice
After a lapse of 14 min. Finish discussion and Q&AThe bell rings three times

Audio Visual Equipment

Rooms allocated for parallel sessions are equipped with LCD projector, screen, laser pointer, laptop running Windows, with PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file in the forms of either ppt, pptx or pdf on a USB memory stick and submit it to the operator of each presentation room at least 30 minutes before the session starts.

Using your own laptops for presentations is not allowed.